Sections Boards

The Adult Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Section

Chair: L.Perederyaeva

Secretary: R.Chesnokov

Training committee chair: A.Kosopanov

Training committee members: A.Kosopanov, A.Kovalets., I.Navrotskaya, M.Romashkevich

Training programs tutors: full-time — I.Navrotskaya, E.Zimina; distance learning — M.Romashkevich.

Ethics committee: O.Ershova, K.Kurkina, M.Dubinsky

Section email:

The Group Analysis Section

Chair: A.Shandala

Secretary: S.Sokolova

Training committee chair: A.Beniaminova

Training committee members: V.Balabanova, I.Belokrylov, A.Beniaminova, A.Odollamsky, E. Raizman, A.Shandala

EFPP delegates: V.Balabanova, A.Beniaminova

Training projects tutor: V.Balabanova

Section email:

The list of the members of and candidates to the above mentioned sections in the Russian language can be found here.