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Talking & Cure – A Binocular View on Psychotherapeutic Interaction

9th International Conference for Conversation Analysis and Psychotherapy (ICCAP-2019) will take place from June 20-23 at the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU), Berlin (Germany). For many years, researchers met at ICCAP to discuss results of conversation analytic research with the focus on psychotherapy. We invite conversation analysts and psychotherapists to participate in the conference “Talking & Cure – A Binocular View on Psychotherapeutic Interaction” at the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) in Berlin, Germany.

“Talking Cure” is the term invented by one of Freud’s earliest patients. In recent years the scope of this term has become increasingly apparent: after all, talking happens in psychotherapies of all kinds! From a CA-perspective, it is “talk-in-interaction”. Terms like “intervention” – widely used in psychotherapeutic circles – do not have an “effect” unless the conversational environment is prepared – by talk.

But what is it that cures? How does it come about that sometimes after a good conversation another view on difficult problems emerges, another cognition results from this talk? Conversation Analysts and Psychotherapists are invited to present papers in panels, to come together to discuss subtle problems, to present stimulating material, to examine methods of study, and to compare theoretically diverging approaches. Looking at what cures from the interactional and from the psychotherapeutic perspectives will help us to take home a binocular view of the therapeutic endeavour.

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