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Stefano Bolognini Belgrade Seminar

Dear Colleagues and friends of psychoanalysis,

We are pleased to invite you to the spring seminar of the Belgrade Psychoanalytical Society (BPS), that we organize in cooperation with the Psychotherapy Section of the Serbian Medical Society (SMS). Our guest lecturer will be a training psychoanalyst of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society and former president of the International Psychoanalytic Association, Dr. Stefano Bolognini.

The seminar consists of two parts:

Saturday March 14th

First part of the seminar 10-11: 30
Serbian Medical Society, Džordža Vašingtona 19
Lecture "Emotional Flows between the Self and the Non-Self" by Dr. Stefano Bolognini”

Second part of the seminar 13-14: 30 (13-17)
“Psiha”, Palmotićeva 24, I floor
Discussion groups 13h-14.30, chaired by the training analysts of Belgrade Psychoanalytical Society
Supervisory Group 14: 45- 16:15, Dr. Stefano Bolognini
Closing of the Seminar 16:15 - 17

The first part of the seminar consists of the lecture accompanied by plenary discussion, it is free of charge and open to all interested participants. The lecture will present one of the chapters from Stefano Bolognini's latest book, “Emotional Flows between Self and Non-Self”, published by Cortina Publishing House (Milano). Title of the lecture is “Psychoanalysis and Psychosis. Self recovery in the service of ego reparation ”.

The second, clinical part of the seminar is intended for members and candidates of psychoanalytically oriented Societies as well as clinicians and advanced candidates of other psychotherapy schools. This part of the seminar includes an early registration fee of 15 Euro for discussion groups and 35 Euro for a supervisory group.

Please register using registration form via e-mail We have a rare opportunity to listen one of the most distinguished psychoanalysts of modern times, known for being one of the European psychoanalysts who has managed, to a large extent due to his superior knowledge of various psychoanalytic theories common to other parts of the world such as North or South America and others, to make “differences and similarities” a fertile ground for the growth of new perspectives and aspirations, hence a better knowledge of the complexity of psychic life. In addition to his favorite and widely known topic on psychoanalytic empathy, the new book also brings novel ideas and concepts which we have an opportunity to get to know through this seminar. Early registration is open until the end of January 2020.

Official language of the seminar is English. Number of places is limited. To register please use the registration form in the attachment and apply via e-mail